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Bizi tercih Ettiğiniz için Teşekkürler




Mikron'S initial investment was ATR lines, that were started to operate in late 2004 to produce very fine Calcium Carbonate products. 

Ball mill units started to operate in year 2005 to produce fine products with high capacities. 

Mikron'S plant located on the Nigde-Kayseri Motorway and constructed on 130.000m2 area, with 5 sub plants. 

Mikron'S continues to make investments, since the begining. Ceramic lined Talc Plant which is sole in Turkey, high capacity granules factory, Post Separation enriched micronisation factory and extra capacity fullfilled coating plants had taken into service in last 2 years. 

All precautions taken, to overcome any problems related with environmental and workforce issues. Food Approvals and Hygenic procedures are appoved by independent and governmental insititutions. Mikron'S plant is certified by Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Turkey. Warehouse is 7.500m2 and can capable of handling palletized materials for urgent deliveries. All different packing types including silotrucks are possible to handle in factories. 

Plant layout is so arranged that to increase the capacities for future enlargements. 

Mikron'S Research and Development activities started in its own laboratories, to increase the functionality of industrial minerals. R&D facilities and projects are approved and also supported by national and international institutions. 

Mikron'S Reserarch and Development Laboratory will become a very special and unique laboratory very soon.


Our Environmental Policy

Reduction of use of environmentally hazardous substances at the production stage In order to ensure reduction of activities that are harmful to the environment and human health as Mikron’S in the mining sector. 

New technologies and determination of technical progresses: Protection of environment and active use of sources. 

To follow environment-related laws, regulations and related legislations. Mutual communication with public and it's administration. To proceed our cooperation on the basis of reality. 

To ensure continuous improvement with support of all employees.