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R&D / Quality

R&D / Quality


In order to protect our level of quality which is respected by the whole world and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we compete with the competitors not in the price but with quality. 

Mikron'S treat research and development as the guarantee of it's future. Mikron'S, gave importance to development of new products and applications in order to follow global improvements rapidly. Mikron'S carrying out research and development activities in its laboratories which faciliated with outstanding equipments and services. 

Collaborating with universities and scientific foundations worlwide, Mikron'S take academic assistance to shape it's studies into a product. 

Improvements, investments and awards symbolize the passion of Mikron'S, which produces it's own products to create world-class quality. 

Mikron'S allocates 4% of it's turnover to the R&D expenditures approaching the target to more strengthen it's competitive position in the sector, and to become one of the important producers in the world. 

Mikron'S continue to challenge in research and development by working international independent institutions and scientists. 

Mikron'S has made important certified studies in R&D in Calcium Carbonate usage in polymers 

Sustainability is combination of principles that includes economic and social responsibilities for Mikron’S to keep healthy and prosperous future for human being.Sustainability considers three aspects ; Economical Improvement , Environmental conservance and Social development . 

Economical Improvement ; 

  • Mikron’S focus on its production and services by considering customers demands and expectations.
  • Targets always new product formations and services to decrease its customers production costs
  • Focuses primarily on formation of new products as an substitiuion of imported grades.
  • Work together with its customers to create bilateral solutions in their segments related with fillers and extenders.

Environmental Conservance ;

  • Mikron’S always protect environment by consireding renevable source and energy systems.
  • Starting from mining in quarries till the production in its sites ,Mikron’S always give importance to environment ,biological variations and atmosphere under laws and legislations

Social Developmenr;

  • Mikron’S spend efforts to increase health of society that surronds it.
  • Mikron’S give high importance to human being and try to guide to be good human and citizen



A clean environment and a better world concept add value to Our future!
We work in order to leave a better and cleaner world to the next generations and for this purpose we produce environment friendly products within the frame of environment friendly management concept, in compliance with the national and international standards.Mikron’S pay strong attention to recyle concepts ,packaging conservance and risk free additives and materials.

The criteria we determined as Mikron’S Minerals for an environment friendly production;

  • To keep under control, the possible important effects on the environment and human health, arising of the activities of our company,
  • To efficiently use the energy and raw materials in order to protect the natural resources,
  • To prevent the pollution at the source,,
  • To create a culture that is open to continuous development for a breathing environment and to increase the environment awareness of our employees, suppliers and the society.

As Mikron’S, we manage all our activities as integrated with the Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and show the maximum effort in order to be a model company in the building materials sector.



REACH is a new European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals. It came into force on 1st June 2007 and replaces a number of European Directives and Regulations with a single system.

The European Parliament and the Council adopted, on 18 December 2006, a new regulatory framework for chemicals known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals). The REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 30 December 2006 and entered into force on 1 June 2007.

Amongst other obligations, REACH requires the registration of chemical substances, followed by anevaluation process. In this process the substances on their own, in preparations or in articles are evaluated in respect to health, safety and environmental aspects when manufactured, stored and used. The registration process will stretch over the next 11 years and will be preceded, for the socalledphase-in substances (i.e. currently on the market or formerly existing substances), by apreregistrationphase (1 June 2008 – 1 December 2008). 

REACH plans that "minerals which occur in nature, if they are not chemically modified" are explicitly exempted from registration and evaluation (Article 2 § 7(b) and Annex V point 7) because such a registration is deemed inappropriate or unnecessary for these substances and their exemption from these requirements does not prejudice the objectives of this Regulation. 

Consequently, industrial minerals which do not result from a chemical modification placed on the market fall under this exemption and therefore will not be registered.